brewing equipment

9/8/17 Brewing equipment

National Day, how else to spend the day but to test new ideas and equipment?

I always thought air-cooling using peltiers was very inefficient. Afterall, air is a poor conductor and wouldn’t it be more efficient to have the peltier cool by direct contact? I decided to test my idea by removing the fan and sat my kettle directly on the peltier. I left the larger fan on to dissipate the heat.

I filled the kettle with a litre of water, switched on the chiller and monitored the temperature of the water. After 90 minutes, the temperature plummeted by…. 1 degC.

So, I concluded that air-cooling remains the most efficient method by far. Any idea why cooling by direct contact did not seem to work? I’ll save that for another day, it’s time for fireworks!

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