Straits Pint now available

Straits Pint now available! After much anticipation, we are pleased to announce that Straits Pint will available at the following from July: What’s available Pre Order Stock is limited, so pre-order to avoid disappointment! Enjoy additional 10% off for pre orders. Contact for any queries.


11/10/17 Filming

Finally got down to filming our video for the brewing kit. Spent some time working on the storyboard and script. We rented some lights, a lens and a mike, and shot the video with our DSLRs.         Thankfully, our actors had some filming experience, which helped to expedite filming!      … Read More 11/10/17 Filming


21/9/17 Brewing beer!

Time for another round of brewing! Ran out of my smokey IPA so thought of brewing another batch.               Also tested out my mash re-circulation setup, but the flow rate of the pump was too high and churned up the mash bed instead. Had to use a strainer…