Brewing Kit

Start brewing sparkling fruit wine in the comfort of your home with our brewing kit!

The problem

To the uninitiated, brewing beer can be quite a hassle, or even intimidating. There’s boiling, rapid cooling, fermenting and chilling, and you need quite a bit of equipment and space to do all that. Each batch comes up to around 20 litres, so you need to either bottle or keg it, and then find a place to store it.

If you get past all that, that’s great news! For those who can’t fathom why people (like me) would put themselves through that all for a beer, let’s make things simple for you.

Our solution

brewing kit

We assembled a small, compact brewing kit that allows you to “alcoholise” virtually any drink you like, all in a 1 litre bottle. It doesn’t always have to be beer or wine. Add some kick to your regular apple or lychee juice. Or, make some ginger beer for your next Christmas gathering.

Ferment. Drink. Repeat. That’s the way we like it.

Introduction video:


Instruction video:



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