Straits Pint

The brand

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Being a proudly Singaporean company, we naturally want the brand to reflect our local identity. We chose the word “Straits” to highlight our past as a former Straits Settlement. As a narrow passage of water connecting two water bodies, “Straits” also symbolizes our desire to connect people through beer. To strengthen the association with Singapore’s heritage, we named our first two beers Indiana and Discovery.

Commanded by Captain James Pearl, The Indiana was an armed ship that ferried Sir Stamford Raffles when he founded Singapore on 28 January 1819. The Discovery was another ship part of that convoy, commanded by the famous hydrographer, Captain Daniel Ross.

Stamford Raffles
Sir Stamford Raffles (Image source)
The Indiana (Oil painting, reproduced by permission of Antiques of the Orient, Singapore



The bottle

Instead of the usual crown caps, swing top bottles were chosen for that great vintage look as well as for convenience.

The beers

We use premium malt and hops sourced from Europe and US to bring you beer of the highest quality.

Bags of grain




straits pint beers


The Indiana is a pale ale that boasts refreshing hop aromas, citrus and herbal notes on the palate, complemented by a malty backbone. For a tropical country like Singapore, this is the perfect beer to drink on a hot, sweaty afternoon. The low bitterness and explosive hop aromas make the the Indiana Pale Ale the perfect beer for those new to craft beers.

The Discovery is a milder version of The Indiana with more subtle malt aromas and hop flavours, perfect for lager lovers. in fact, we would describe it as a cross between an ale and a lager. With its smooth and silky mouthfeel, it can be enjoyed on any occasion.


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